Whilst going for a walk the other day I noticed that some people are particularly diligent about saving electricity. Even respectable Rondebosch matrons are refraining from using their indicators. This caused a little puzzlement and hesitation to oncoming traffic when one of the matrons was turning right. But she patiently waited till others made their move before she made hers. Sometimes one has to cause a little inconvenience in order to do the right thing. Perhaps the amount of electricity she saved was exceedingly small. But every little bit helps. Others are saving electricity by not using their headlights before dawn on a drizzly morn. Some are making a partial gesture by using only one headlight. Once again this might seem an exceedingly small – and even dangerous – contribution to the nation’s electricity crisis. But at least these people are doing something. Pedestrians are also doing their bit. They are refraining from pressing pedestrian buttons and thereby bringing traffic travelling in both directions to a halt. They are selflessly putting their lives at risk by watching the traffic and dashing across the road without needlessly causing red lights and little green men to be activated. Irate motorists need to acknowledge that pedestrian bravery and the occasional sacrifice of a life is for the greater good of all. They could also view the mowing down of a reckless pedestrian as a way of helping to reduce over-population, and the improvement of the gene pool at the same time.

The sort of car that Rondebosch matrons like to drive

The sort of car that Rondebosch matrons like to drive

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  1. andrea stelling says:

    A lot of electricity could in fact be CREATED by the people who are at the receiving end of the bad behaviour by drivers and pedestrians! Think of the watts/volts created by their brains in their frustration/anger! Find a way to harness that and voila, power to the people!

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