Now that I’m old nobody phones – except that nice man from India who thinks there’s something wrong with my computer.

He always asks after my health, then tells me that Microsoft have detected something that is slowing my computer down. The first time he phoned, more than a year ago, I did have a very slow computer; and under his direction I did all sorts things that showed a whole page of files that he said were infected. Then he wanted me to download a file that would fix everything free of charge. I was very doubtful about this, but he convinced me that it was safe to do so.

But when I started to do this a warning appeared (they always warn you before you download anything). I asked him if he would mind if I phoned my son before proceeding. He wasn’t happy with this, and said he only had 30 minutes, but said I could go ahead if I wanted to.

So I phoned my son on my cellphone. Within seconds he found out that the proposed file was a scam. When I picked up the handset of my landline the nice man had gone.

But that didn’t put him off. A week later he phoned again and didn’t seem to remember our previous conversation. So he went through the whole story again.

Now when he phones I get him talking, then quietly put the handset in a drawer and carry on with my life. When I check later he’s gone.

I think that leaving him talking to fresh air for as long as possible is cutting into the time that he would spend conning other gullible people like me. But if he persists I may get a loud whistle, and see if blowing it in his ear livens up his chatter somewhat.

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1 Response to NOBODY PHONES

  1. Chris Martin says:

    I have been getting these calls for years, and I string them along when I have the time. They get your number from the phone book. Once when I accused them of being a scam they became aggressive and transferred me to a “policeman” who threatened me for slander. So I said “Why don’t you come round here in person? You know my address.” Which indeed they did – and my name – confirming they use the phone book. Pam’s unlisted number doesn’t get calls from them. They promised to come and arrest me but never did.

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