Obama bonfires

What a day to start a blog. On this momentous day, even here at the southern tip of Africa, bonfires will burn, fireworks will explode, and people will rejoice.

Yes, this was the day, in 1605, that Guy Fawkes and others conspired to blow up the House of Lords as a protest against anti-Catholic laws. Together with the other conspirators, he was caught and hanged. When questioned he said, “A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy”.

Other momentous things also happened on this day: actress Elke Sommer was born, as was Art Garfunkel (67), Bryan Adams (49), Tatum O’Neal (45), and country singer-musician Ryan Adams (34).

Also on this date:
In 1968, Richard M. Nixon won the presidency, defeating Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and American Independent candidate George C. Wallace.
In 1985, Spencer W. Kimball, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, died at age 90; he was succeeded by Ezra Taft Benson. (Love those names!)

But, I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear about today. No, today was the day that a man who can string unscripted sentences together fluently and faultlessly, with passion and style, was elected to replace a man who can’t.

There was much excitement in Africa. The local 9am talk radio presenter confessed that she had stayed up all night laughing and crying. Kenya declared a national public holiday. An East African correspondent said, “The happiness is so big it’s hanging in the air.”

Tonight the bonfires will burn for Obama, not Guy Fawkes.

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1 Response to Obama bonfires

  1. Sonya ten Velthuis says:

    And today is the day it was decided by Gareth Cliff and his 5FM team that Obama isn’t just sexy because he is in a position of power: I mean, take Hillary Clinton, George Bush and Gordon Brown as examples!

    Nice reading-keep writing.

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